Aeromar is the oldest Mexican airlines and they conduct scheduled flights to over 26 domestic and international destinations.

Aeromar’s network stretches across Mexico, the United States, Guatemala, and Honduras. The airline has its main base in Mexico City, with a secondary hub in Guadalajara. 

The current fleet of the Aeromar consists of three ATR-42 and seven ATR-72. They operate two to three flights flights per day from Mexico City to Puerto Escondido.

Due to the small fleet size of the airline, the number of daily flights between the cities remains virtually the same during both the high and the low season.


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Customer Service Phone #: +52 (55) 5133 1111

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Aeromar Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Is Aeromar and Aeromexico the same?

No, Aeromar has no affiliation with Aeroméxico. While Aeromar is one of Mexico’s oldest airlines, it’s a much smaller airline in comparison to Aeroméxico.

What kind of planes does Aeromar use?

Aeromar currently operates a fleet of (7) ATR 72-600’s and (3) ATR42’s based out of Mexico City International Airport & Guadalajara International Airport.

Is Aeromar a Budget Airline?

Aeromar is not categorized as a budget airline but it operates reasonably priced flights from Terminal 2 in Mexico City International Airport.