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Viva Aerobus

Viva Aerobus is a low-cost airline in Mexico that has carried more than 64 million passengers over the course of the last 14 years. With Monterrey International Airport as its hub, Viva Aerobus operates scheduled services to over 58 destinations in Mexico and the United States. 

The airline’s current fleet size is 60 with only Airbus aircrafts. VivaAerobus operates two to three flights per day from Mexico City (MEX) and Aeropuerto International Felipe Ángeles (AIFA) to Puerto Escondido during the high season and slightly less during the low season.


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Customer Service Phone #: +52 81 82 150 150

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Viva Aerobus Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Is Viva Aerobus a good airline?

VivaAerobus is a 2-star certified budget airline based in Monterrey, México with flights to nearly 60 destination in both México and the United States of America.

Is Viva Aerobus a Mexican airline?

Yes, Viva Aerobus is a Mexican airline which has been operating flights to and from the United States and México for nearly 15 years.

Is Viva Aerobus same as Volaris?

No. Viva Aerobus is owned by IAMSA and has no affiliation with Volaris although both airlines are based in México.