Puerto Escondido Tours

Puerto Mezcal Tours

Mezcal Tour

Visit an authentic Mezcal distillery, learn about the history and process of producing the “elixir of the gods” and taste up to 10 different types of mezcal.

Price: $1300 MXN per person

Puerto Food Tours

Food Tour

Explore Puerto Escondido’s most popular neighborhoods on foot with Puerto’s top food tour company and enjoy some of the many culinary wonders that await you.

Price: $1500-$1700 MXN per person

Whale Watching Puerto Escondido

Whale & Dolphin Watching Tour

Puerto Escondido is one of the top destinations in México for whale watching and dolphin tours. A wide variety of whales can be seen in the wild here (seasonal: December through February) — including humpback whales, blue whales, gray whales, pilots, orcas and more.

Price: $700 MXN per person

Sea Turtle Release Puerto Escondido

Sea Turtle Release

Puerto Escondido is home to the nesting, hatching and birth of hundreds of thousands of sea turtles each year. Help release these magical creatures into the wild and watch them take their first steps into the open sea.

Price: $350 MXN per person

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