Puerto Escondido Nightlife Guide (Best Bars & Clubs)

The Puerto Escondido nightlife scene offers a wide variety of options for locals and visitors — from bars to nightclubs, international DJ’s, live entertainment, dancing, cheap beer and more.

Whether you’re planning to party in Puerto Escondido or you prefer something more low-key and traditional like a mezcal tasting tour, Puerto has you covered.

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Puerto Escondido Nightlife – La Punta vs. Zicatela

When it comes to deciding between partying in La Punta vs Zicatela, the first thing you must know is that Both La Punta and Zicatela are unique in their own ways and offer different vibes all together.

Nightlife in La Punta has a more rustic, bohemian feel to it and is more about dining and drinks with friends versus Zicatela where the party doesn’t stop until the sun comes up.

Below, you’ll find a list of what we consider to be the best places to party in Puerto Escondido — both in La Punta and Zicatela.

Xcaanda Puerto Escondido


Xcaanda is a lively nightclub that has locations in both Zicatela and on the beach in La Punta but the latter has since closed.

The main location in Zicatela has always been the more popular location of the two and is also the spot that partygoers flock to after things quiet down in La Punta.

During a night out at Xcaanda you can expect to hear a wide range of reggaeton and house music.

Xcaanda is situated directly on Zicatela Beach so it always has this late-night tropical beach bar vibe to it that can be tough to find elsewhere in Zicatela.

Cover: $100 MXN pesos. Includes a complimentary drink when you show your ticket at the bar.

Location: Av. Del Morro 312, Zicatela, 70934 Puerto Escondido

Website: Zicatela – Xcaanda

Review: “Really nice club in Zicatela, in my taste and opinion I really think it is the best nightclub here in regard of the variety of genres in music, starting from commercial EDM, house, deep house, all time pop hits and mostly reggaeton very continuously to keep you dancing and moving all night long with no stopping, recommended if you want to party on weekends!! But I’ll recommend going on Friday nights, for me it is practically the best night to go!!” – Carla A.

Piedra de la Iguana Puerto Escondido

Piedra de la Iguana

Piedra de la Iguana is a funky after-hours bar with an open-air dance floor, located in front of the ever popular Cactus Beach Club in Zicatela.

Since La Piedra is considered to be an after in Puerto Escondido, the party really doesn’t get started until around 3 am and goes on into the early morning hours.

DJ’s spin electronic music all night until sunrise capturing the attention of those leaving some of the nearby bars and clubs that close early.

Piedra de la Iguana nightclub is open Friday and Saturday nights from 10 pm to 8 am.

Location: Zicatela – Piedra de la Iguana

Review: “Very good music and crowd, the party picks up around 3 am” – Nina N.

Cactus Puerto Escondido


Cactus is one of the most popular bars in Puerto Escondido and for good reason.

You can find a mix of visitors and locals partying here on the weekends but Monday night is also a popular night at Cactus.

While the DJ’s at Cactus play a diverse range of music, you can expect to hear a lot of electronic and dance music here.

While Cactus opens their doors at 11 pm, the party really starts to turn up after midnight and goes on until the early morning hours.

Cover: $100 MXN pesos if you arrive after midnight. However, if you’re frugal and you want to avoid paying a cover at Cactus, be sure to get there before the clock strikes midnight and your entrance will be free.

Drink Prices: Beers at Cactus are $50 MXN pesos. Cocktails will set you back approximately $150 MXN pesos.

Location: Zicatela – Cactus Bar

Review: “Review: “Cactus is a party. Doesn’t get going until 12 most nights but stays open late. Cheap drinks, cheap entry, good DJs, what more do you want huh” – Alex A.

Cañabrava Puerto Escondido


If you have a thing for Latin music, Cañabrava is where you should spend your Friday nights in Puerto Escondido.

This beachfront venue has a rooftop with private tables for those who are looking to splurge and have their own space to mingle with new and old friends.

Cañabrava also features a seafood restaurant that closes at 11 pm before the party starts.

Cover: $100 MXN pesos which is pretty standard for most nightclubs in Puerto Escondido.

Drink Prices: Beers are $50 MXN pesos. Cocktails will set you back anywhere from $120 MXN pesos to upwards of $180 MXN. Bottles, on the other hand, are a bit more expensive with prices in the $1500 + MXN pesos range.

Location: Zicatela – Cañabrava

Review: “If you are planning to party, this is the best place to go. The rooftop is super rice and since it is a rooftop it doesn’t get very hot as in other places. You have to get in early, otherwise it is hard to get in. A nice trick is to have a drink at the restaurant and then move to the rooftop.” – Karen F.

Punta Vida Puerto Escondido

Punta Vida

Punta Vida best exemplifies the more laid-back side of the nightlife in Puerto Escondido with the party generally coming to a close around midnight.

To be clear, we’re not saying that the party is boring at Punta Vida because it’s far from that. This place is perfect for those wanting to turn up and turn down at a reasonable hour.

Once everyone wraps up their dinner plans, the DJ turns up the music and the party goes until midnight.

Punta Vida is also home to a very popular beach BBQ known as the Sunday BBQ Party and it goes down every Sunday evening at 8 pm.

Cover: The Sunday BBQ Party at Punta Vida has a cover charge of $150 MXN pesos and you’ll have the choice of either a chicken or vegetarian platter which includes coleslaw. Another thing that people love about this place is that their beers are reasonably priced at just $50 MXN pesos each.

Location: Brisas de Zicatela – Punta Vida

Review: “Cool atmosphere with chill people. This place is perfect if you want to party to good music in the sand. The vibe is indescribable.” – Lisa R.

Chula Puerto Escondido


Chula is the go-to club for locals and visitors on weeknights when there are not many places to party in Puerto.

The dance floor made of sand, a sizable menu of drinks, and the casual laid-back vibes are what makes Chula stand out from other nearby bars.

Cover: The cover charge at Chula is $150 MXN pesos and the busiest nights are Tuesdays, Thursdays and Sundays.

Location: Zicatela – Chula

Review: “I went on a Sunday night and there was a show playing techno music, the music was delicious, they sell you beer for $50 and if you arrive before 11pm there is no cover, several DJs played” – Oscar G.

Mar y Wana Puerto Escondido

Mar & Wana

Located opposite Cactus Bar, Mar & Wana is the place to be if you’re looking to take in some of the best nightlife in Puerto Escondido – especially on the weekends.

This bustling bar hosts a live event every weekend and also invites different local guest DJs as well as international DJ’s who will keep you on the dance floor until 5 am.

Cover: Mar & Wana has a cover charge of $150 to 200 MXN pesos which is slightly higher than other clubs in the area. Fridays and Saturdays are the busiest nights at Mar & Wana.

Location: Zicatela – Mar & Wana

Review: “Definitely spent some of my best nights in Puerto in this place. Went randomly one night and frikin’ Palms Traxx was playing that night. Some of the best sets I’ve heard in Puerto were here. Usually they charge a cover but it depends on the night/event but goes from $100-500 MXN. Typically around 200. At La Punta beach there’s always people handing out flyers and offering a cheaper cover price so be sure to look out for that.” – Arturo

Chicama Puerto Escondido


Loud music, craft cocktails, and a tropical atmosphere meld so well at Chicama, making it one of the most popular restaurants in Puerto Escondido.

Chicama is an ideal place for dinner dates, group dinners with friends as well as a place to kick off the evening before heading to one of the many bars and nightclubs in Zicatela.

This popular Peruvian hot spot stays open until around midnight before the crowds start heading to places like Cañabrava, Cactus and Mar & Wana for what is known as the “after” in México.

If you’re looking for a sexy dinner spot with music, good looking people and delicious Peruvian food, this is the place to be for an early night out on the town in Puerto Escondido.

Location: La Punta – Chicama

Review: “The food is superb. Love the atmosphere and decor. Great seating, for both groups and more intimate settings. Excellent bar too if you just want to hang out and have a drink. Live music sometimes to boot!” – Filip M.

The Boneyard Puerto Escondido

The Boneyard

The Boneyard is a bar located just a few blocks from the beach in La Punta and stays open until around midnight.

This place is not your average bar in Puerto Escondido as it’s more geared towards the alternative skater and surfer type crowd.

People mostly come here to enjoy a few beers and to watch the skateboarders bust out their favorite tricks.

As Puerto Escondido’s first skater bar, The Boneyard blends well into Zicatela’s surfing culture. They have a diverse assortment of cocktails and food.

While The Boneyard is open throughout the week, you’ll find it to be much more crowded during the weekends.

Location: La Punta – The Boneyard

Review: “Couple blocks off the main road in la Punta but worth the walk. Skateboard shop and skate bowl right in the middle of the bar! Sat watching for an hour and listened to great tunes. 420 friendly.” – Keith C.

Savanna Puerto Escondido


Savanna is better known as a beachfront cafe and restaurant but also serves as one of the more chill options when it comes to nightlife in Puerto Escondido.

This is a fantastic spot for those who want to have an early start and end to their night as Savanna closes at around midnight.

Locals and visitors spend the mornings and early evening hours here with friends on the terrace with views of surfers riding the waves into La Punta.

Specials: Savanna offers a 2-for-1 cocktail special on Monday nights from 6 pm to 8 pm and is a very popular hangout amongst locals.

Location: La Punta – Savanna

Review: “This place is special. Beyond a stunning rooftop bar with unparalleled food, it has a magic that will make you want to spend entire days here. Stick around and be humbled by the sunset with an unobstructed view of La Punta beach. 2-for-1 mezcal cocktails will kick off your evening with a refreshing buzz – they bring them out two at a time! They have well curated DJs on Wednesday-Saturday nights. The crowd is always fun and the staff has the happiest, friendliest energy. It’s one big party you will never want to leave!” – Lara N.

Mombasa Bar Puerto Escondido


Mombasa is one of the latest additions when it comes to bars in La Punta and is usually jam packed in the late evenings.

This is a great bar to start and end your night in Puerto Escondido as they stay open until around 1 am.

We recommend stopping into Mombasa anytime after 10 or 11 pm and you’ll be sure to find crowds of young and sexy people hanging out.

Location: La Punta – Mombasa Nightlife

Review: “My wife and I love this place. It’s well known as a bar, but the food is excellent and we go there often. The chef brings southern France to Puerto Escondido. The music mix is so good, too. It’s a must go for dinner, and the place to be in La Punta at night. The staff is very friendly, and the service is great.” – Richard W.

Juana Mezcala Puerto Escondido

Juana Mezcala

Juana Mezcala, as its name implies, is a hotspot for mezcal lovers and is located directly next door to Chicama.

This bar has an impressive variety of mezcals to choose from and they have a 2-for-1 special between 6 pm and 8 pm. 

In addition to its great mezcal tasting options, Juana Mezcala is famous for its hole in the wall vibe, Latin and electronic music. delicious tacos and reasonably priced drinks. The club rarely stays open past midnight.

Cover: Free

Location: La Punta – Juana Mezcala

Review: “Great vibes. Good party. Liked our cocktails. Mostly Mexican clientele” – EOT

Congo Bar

Located on Av. Alfonso Pêrez Gasga just behind Playa Principal beach is a popular bar known to locals and visitors as Congo Bar.

Congo is famous for its ambiance, live music, and reasonably priced cocktails. Though the bar is fairly small, it’s extremely popular among fans of reggaeton music.

If you’re planning on going to Congo Bar, we recommend arriving before midnight to avoid standing in line.

Cover: $50 MXN pesos.

Drink Prices: Beers are $40 MXN pesos here which makes Congo Bar one of the cheapest bars in Puerto Escondido.

Location: Congo Bar

Review: “I did not know this place, it is the first time that I came and I really liked it a lot. The cover is 50 pesos, I don’t know if they always charge and it’s the same amount. The music is salsa, cumbia, reggaeton and the atmosphere is the best. There are a lot of people and a lot of good vibes. I recommend this place.” – Arturo U.

Bonita Escondida Puerto Escondido

Bonita Escondida

If you want to party on a budget in Puerto Escondido, Bonita Escondida is the place for you.

Bonita Escondida is a popular party hostel in Puerto Escondido located just minutes from La Punta and is home to some of the best pool parties in town.

This hostel has a real bohemian feel to it and what’s even cooler is that there is no cover charge and you can drink beers at $40 MXN pesos a pop all night long.

Cover: Free

Drink Prices: Beers are $40 MXN pesos.

Location: Zicatela – Bonita Escondida

Review: “Best hostel I’ve stayed in! Fun activities every day (trivia night, boat parties, pool party), and lots of people to hang out with. If you’re coming to Puerto and you’re not staying in Bonita, you’re definitely missing out.” – Mauricio

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Puerto Escondido a Party Town?

Yes, Puerto Escondido is a party town for those who want to make it one. However, the city’s nightlife is not the main reason why people visit.

Puerto Escondido is known as a laid-back beach town where people come to surf big waves and live a simpler life. The city’s nightlife scene is just the icing on the cake. 

Where is the nightlife in Puerto Escondido?

There are a wide variety of places to drink, dance and party in Puerto Escondido from the La Punta dance nights at Juana Mezcala to the Zicatela nightclubs.

However, much of Puerto Escondido’s nightlife is concentrated in the areas of La Punta and Zicatela.

Both La Punta and Zicatela are unique in their own way and offer their fair share of restaurants, bars and clubs although things are significantly more calm and laid back in La Punta when compared to the party scene in Zicatela.

What is Puerto Escondido Nightlife Like?

Much of the Puerto Escondido nightlife scene has this eccentric, chic-hippy, Tulum vibe to it — minus the exorbitant prices, of course.

As for the crowds, you can expect to find just about everything from surfers and yogis to locals and foreigners with money to burn.

What is a typical night out in Puerto Escondido like? 

A typical night out in Puerto Escondido starts at around 6 pm with friends casually hanging out watching the sunset in La Punta or dining out at some of the amazing nearby restaurants.

Once everyone has filled their bellies and had a few drinks, the crowds start to make their way towards Playa Zicatela.

What time does Puerto Escondido Nightlife get started at?

The nightlife and party scene in Puerto Escondido usually starts to heat up just after 10 pm and continues until sunrise.

What are the Best Bars in Puerto Escondido?

The best bars in Puerto Escondido are Cactus, Congo Bar, Juana Mezcala, Mar & Wana, Mombasa and Piedra de la Iguana.

What are the Best Nightclubs in Puerto Escondido?

The best nightclubs in Puerto Escondido are Cañabrava, Chula and Xcaanda – all three of which are located in Zicatela.

Is Puerto Escondido Nightlife Safe?

Yes, nightlife in Puerto Escondido is safe as long as you take the general safety measures as you should in virtually any other destination around the world.

To stay safe in Puerto Escondido at night, always be aware of your surroundings, drink in moderation, book a taxi or take a lift with someone trustworthy, and stay away from hostile situations.

What time do bars close in La Punta?

Bars in La Punta close between midnight and 12:30 am due to licensing and noise regulations.

What time do bars close in Zicatela?

Unlike La Punta, there are no licensing or noise regulations in Zicatela so the bars and clubs in Zicatela stay open until sunrise or later.

Puerto Escondido Nightlife Map